Sunday, April 26, 2015
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Fool's Gold: The Story of North Sea Oil

This is a survey of the essentially disastrous handling of North Sea oil - stocks and revenue squandered - and the implications for Scotland and the rest of Britain. Technology, finance, organizational bodies - both bureaucratic and private - political change and development are analyzed with interviews with key participants.

"An immensely important book – astonishingly, there is no other good account in print of the North Sea phenomenon … it is full of extraordinary engineering achievements, telephone-book financial numbers and gee-whiz facts" R. W. Johnson, London Review of Books

"A narrative that leads to an inexorable conclusion. An opportunity to reconstruct the economy of Britain and its regions, and the democracy of its peoples, was squandered … [Fool’s Gold is] a significant achievement" Charles Woolfson, Scotland on Sunday

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