Wednesday, March 18, 2015
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Chris Harvie has written and edited books on technology, culture and politics in the industrial age, including studies of Victorian radical intellectuals, the political novel, North Sea oil, Scottish nationalism, European regionalism and the Atlantic intellect.


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1814 Year of Waverley: How Walter Scott's Novel Changed Us (2013)
Scotland the Brief: A Short History of a Nation (2012)
Scotland the Brief (2010)
Broonland (2010)
A Floating Commonwealth (2008)
Mending Scotland (2004)
Scotland: a Short History (2002)
Deep-Fried Hillman Imp (2001)
The Road to Home Rule (with Peter Jones) (2000)
Travelling Scot, Scotus Viator (1999)
Fool's Gold: The Story of North Sea Oil (1994)
The Rise of Regional Europe (1993)
The Centre of Things (1991)
No Gods and Precious Few Heroes (1981)
Scotland and Nationalism (1977)
The Lights of Liberalism (1976)
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