Sunday, April 26, 2015
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Chris Harvie speaking on the Union (May 2007)


Video courtesy of Pat Kane:

"I captured this on my battered old Nokia70 cameraphone, at an event held in the Midnight Oil Bookshop, convened by Christopher a few days before his election, and attended by a small but energetic crowd, which included Tom Nairn, Christopher Smout, and the academic and journalist Rob Brown. I would love to have shown Allan Massie's elegant and lapidary response to Chris, but my batteries ran out - no ideological reasons, I promise. (Indeed, we learned on the day that Allan had penned the Sunday Times Scotland editorial that day, recommending an SNP-led coalition government). My favourite part, of course, is the rack of Beezers, Buntys and Topper annuals ranged behind the great sages' heads. Entirely inadvertent, of course."

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