Wednesday, May 13, 2015
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Scotland the Brief: A Short History of a Nation (New Edition)

Scotland's history is a subject of endless fascination. But where to start? The Romans or the Picts? The influence of the English from Norman times? The Auld Alliance with the French and the Scottish Enlightenment? Chris Harvie gives a brief outline for the beginner which includes all of these themes and more. The role of the Kirk, the affairs of kings and queens and would-be monarchs. Then Scotland's efforts to expand her economy through the Darien Scheme which led to Union with England and onto the age of Empire and industry when Scotland and Scots engineers led the world.

Scotland the Brief (New Edition) covers the modern era, the age of North Sea oil and the reconvening of the Scottish Parliament after 300 years, leading up to 2014 and the Referendum on Independence in Scotland. Cheerfully illustrated by Scoular Anderson.

This is the first book in the Clan Scotland series, aiming to provide a brief, readable narrative and analytical approach to Scotland' history, culture and traditions, widening access and cutting down on 'long words that make us all sad.' Championing new initiatives, this series of imaginative books will eventually link into an online companion resource, helping young people interact with projects and emerging opportunities across Scotland. The second Clan Scotland book, 1814 Year of Waverely: How Walter Scott's Novel Changed Us, was published in May 2013. To learn more about Clan Scotland, find us on Twitter or visit

"A marvel of compression..." - Professor John Hume

"A lovely book, very wise and very short" - Professor Christopher Smout, Historiographer-Royal in Scotland

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